We believe in a happy, confident, skilled and professional workforce.  As a result, training is at the heart of what we do.  We provide a range of training including:

  • Moving and Handling (Theory and Practical) 

  • Health and Safety

  • Fire Training

  • Food Hygiene

  • First Aid Awareness

  • Infection Control and much more.

For those with no prior experience, part of your training includes an opportunity to shadow experiences staff in a Care Home environment.  We will work with you to build your knowledge, skills and confidence because we believe every person comes with something to offer.


Here is what some of our Trainees said about the quality of our training.

  • ‘This is the best training course I have ever received’.28/2/20
  • ‘Detailed theoretical explanation as well as the practical aspect. Excellent training, thank you’10/2/20
  • ‘Really good quality and professional delivery of training. Clear and elaborate explanations and demonstration. Friendly and pleasant style. Loved the whole training’.10/2/20
  • ‘Very worthwhile and good to refresh memory. Thank you’. 28/1/20
  • ‘It was worth my time and it brought back memories’.21/12/2019
  • ‘It was a very interesting course. I got know a lot about safty handling and risk management’.

Our training is available for a charge to anyone and if you are interested please get in touch.






01786 236411

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